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Duke FB: Injury Report vs Pitt

Duke is battling sickness more than injury at this point in the season, and they look ready to add a big piece back to their defensive line for the first time. Jordan Dewalt-Ondijo is back practicing again and could get some minutes in live action this Saturday. Unfortunately, as seemingly always with Duke Football and injuries, it's two steps forward and one step back. The step back this week is starting safety Corbin McCarthy, who turned an ankle in practice this week. If he's unable to go, Anthony Young-Wiseman will reportedly step in. Obviously, Anthony Boone is out indefinitely. But with every week, Thomas Sirk gets closer and closer to returning. Full injury report below.

RB Eric Adams (upper body)
DE Jordan DeWalt-Ondijo (leg)
S Deondre Singleton (lower body)

S Corbin McCarthy (lower body)

OT Casey Blaser (hand)
QB Anthony Boone (upper body)
CB Jared Boyd (leg)
QB Thomas Sirk (leg)
WR Jack Wise (upper body)
DT A.J. Wolf (leg)

OT Tanner Stone (leg)

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